Main Theatre

9:00 - 9:20

Welcome to Content Summit Australia

Welcome to Country from emerging Turrbal leader Chris Tosh Dawson, and introduction to the day ahead from Kurt Sanders.

Chris Tosh Dawson headshot

Chris Tosh Dawson - Emerging Turrbal leader

Kurt Sanders - Director of Strategy, The Content Division

9:20 - 9:50

Why creativity is at the heart of persuasion

Thanks to the internet there are more places than ever that people can ignore you, and the entertainment bar is high. There’s great amateur stuff out there. Creativity has never been more essential to cut through the clutter and engage people emotionally. Because it’s only if you can make people feel, that you can make them do. Dee’s keynote will uncover the tricks to help you engage and persuade.

Dee Madigan - Executive Creative Director, Campaign Edge

9:50 - 10:20

How Tourism Tasmania captures the hearts and minds of travellers wanting to Come Down For Air

Tasmania is easily Australia’s most distinctive tourism brand. Moody yet bright and inviting; artistic and cultural but attracting different types of travellers; authentic and grounded but fun. From clever campaigns like The Off Season and TasmanAI through to showcasing deep and enticing experiential content, in this session Lindene will unpack Tasmania’s brand and positioning, and how that translates into creative, effective and beautiful campaigns. And, of course, incredible content.

Lindene Cleary - Chief Marketing Officer, Tourism Tasmania

10:20 - 10:50

The mane thing: How the Brisbane Lions went left-field in finding a voice for their content

Sports content is hard. Apart from the on-field action that can change at any moment, how can clubs create more distinctive content than the typical behind-the-scenes stuff that fills their social feeds? In this session, Phil will discuss how in order to cut through, win more fans and sign up more members, the Lions content team had to find a tone that put fun back at the heart of sport. 

Phil Swan - Head of Digital, Brisbane Lions

10:50 - 11:20

Morning Tea

Main Theatre

11:20 - 11:50

Prove it or lose it: Measuring the impact your content has on your brand’s growth

Content folk get bogged down in the daily metrics – page views, time on page, subscriptions, engagement, the list goes on. But how does all of your content work contribute to the growth of your brand? In this session, Tracksuit’s Elly Strang delves into how to properly measure the impact of your brand so you can go to the boss armed with effectiveness information that matters.

Elly Strang - Content and Communications Lead, Tracksuit

11:50 - 12:20

How I built a viral brand with a $0 marketing strategy

Brooke Saward is the creator of internet sensation Brooki Bakehouse. In her first live speaking appearance, the young entrepreneur will talk about how she built millions of followers online in 12 months. Customers from Australia and abroad line up around the block each day waiting for the bakery to open. Brooke’s debut talk will dive into the ingredients and the recipe that made her business dream spring to life.

Brooke Saward - Founder, Brooki Bakehouse

Let's split!
Let's split!
Main Theatre

12:30 - 13:00

How to craft podcasts that put you in the room with a rock star

Learn how to ideate and craft incredible podcasts from the award-winning creators of hit podcasts Who Is Daniel Johns? (Spotify), Science Versus (Gimlet), The Last Outlaws (UTS), Threads (ABC) and more.

Francisco Lopez - Director, F+K Media

Kaitlyn Sawrey - Director, F+K Media

Underground Theatre

12:30 - 13:00

Media Masters: Telling incredible stories in an ever-changing media landscape

From AI’s place in modern content companies through to what truly makes a story worth telling, this panel will plumb the depths of Queensland’s media talent to discuss how to create incredible content with narratives that gain the eyes and ears of large-scale audiences.



Sarah Morgan - Managing Director, Bespoken


Alison Sandy headshot

Alison Sandy - FOI Editor, Seven Network

Ben Smee - Queensland State Correspondent, The Guardian

Blythe Moore - Manager, Audio Strategy, ABC News

13:00 - 14:00


Let's split!
Main Theatre

14:00 - 14:40

Content at scale in the age of AI

Cutting through to your audience was always hard, and now tech trends have raised the stakes.

Content strategy for a noisy world needs strong storytelling at its heart, plus the tools to execute with speed and impact.

This workshop explains why your brand narrative should form the core of your strategy, and why quality long-form content is the ideal starting point for scaling your short-form and derivative content.

Ricky Robinson headshot

Ricky Robinson - CEO, Shorthand

Underground Theatre

14:00 - 14:40

Finding a hook when most would overlook

This workshop will look at how to find a trending news hook or newsjacking opportunity where most would overlook.

Perfect for those of us who work in corporate, B2B or in what many would consider a drier subject matter – what do they know hey?

With the firm belief all organisations have a story to tell, Sarah Morgan and Lisa Chant will delve into how it’s just a matter of knowing what to look for, what platform it needs to be told on, how to create it and knowing when or how to tell it.

Lisa Chant headshot

Lisa Chant - Media and Communications Specialist, Bespoken

Sarah Morgan - Managing Director, Bespoken

Main Theatre

14:45 - 15:25

Always on: How to keep your social audience engaged and coming back for more

More channels. More formats. More creative. More resources. The juggle is real. So how do we keep all the social balls in the air and the executive team happy? In this session, influencers, publishers and brand-side marketers talk through their social strategies, how they stay on top of the ever changing algorithms and keep making content that hooks in audiences. 



Brittanie English - Managing Director, The Content Division


Rose Misra-Smith - Digital Content Creator, Urban Utilities

Alice Harris - Content Creator, Kic App

Stephanie Vigilante headshot

Stephanie Vigilante - Head of Social Media, Broadsheet Media

Underground Theatre

14:45 - 15:25

How to communicate terrible news beautifully to your customers

Bad things happen. It’s a reality of the business world that many companies aren’t equipped to deal with, let alone communicate to their customers. In this session, Kevin will detail how Australian tech behemoth Atlassian goes about telling the stories that customers may not want to hear, and how to ensure they remain customers for the long run. You will learn:

– How to plan properly for any negative company news

– The tactics and formats to use to speak to customers

– Why tone of voice matters

– Real-world examples of comms that worked… and comms that didn’t

Kevin Bui - Senior Content Designer, Atlassian

15:25 -15:50

Afternoon Tea

Main Theatre

15:50 - 16:20

Under the influence: What can marketers learn from influencers, creators and artists about connecting with audiences?

Marketers want to work with influencers. They want access to loyal audiences and to put their brand in their hot little hands. But creators and artists spend an incredible  amount of time making stunning things and building a following that appreciates their wares. In this session, we chat to social media content creators across TikTok, Instagram and LinkedIn to learn how they’ve built their audiences, how they go about content creation, what they like and don’t like about working with brands, and what brands can do to be better online. 



Brittanie English - Managing Director, The Content Division


Daisy Braid (aka DIY Daisy) - Content Creator, Textile Artist and Author

Rachael Sarra - Multidisciplinary Artist, Radio Host and Influencer

16:20 - 16:50

Olympic-level content: How the Games will be won with incredible storytelling

If you haven’t heard, something rather large is happening in Brisbane in 2032. But the work on building Brisbane’s Games story has already begun. In this panel we’ll discuss just what it takes to forge an Olympic-level story that gets residents, visitors, businesses, athletes and more bought into one of the biggest events on the planet.



Kurt Sanders - Director of Strategy, The Content Division


Sarah (Sos) Mattsson - Digital Content and Production Manager, Brisbane 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games Organising Committee

Michelle Blancato headshot

Michelle Blancato - Creative & Content Director, Tourism and Events Queensland

Callum Wood - General Manager Marketing, Brisbane Economic Development Agency

16:50 - 17:00

Wrap Up

Powerhouse Foyer

17:00 - 19:00


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Content Summit
Australia 2024

Bris Powerhouse
Tuesday 28 May

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Kurt Sanders

Director of Strategy

The Content Division

Kurt has been strategy director and co-founder of Brisbane content agency The Content Division since 2017. For 20 years he has been a journalist and marketer covering industries from economic development and business services to fast moving consumer goods, software and tech, food, B2B, and much more. Kurt brings a simple and solid strategic lens to his work, and is deeply passionate about creativity and forging distinctive brands.

Dee Madigan

Executive Creative Director & Founding Partner

Campaign Edge

Dee is an award winning creative director who has worked on some of Australia’s largest brands in almost every category (including FMCG, banking and finance, health and education).
She got sick of selling people shit they didn’t need and started Campaign Edge in 2014 to work primarily in the progressive space.

She works for a range of unions and has been Creative Director for the Labor Party on 24 election campaigns, including the 2015, 2017 and 2020 QLD campaigns and the 2022 Federal election.
She is one of Australia’s leading campaign strategists and effectively uses creativity as a tool to persuade an audience.

She is a panellist on Gruen (ABC TV) and appears on The Latest and Sunrise (CH7). She is also the author of The Hard Sell (MUP 2014), as well as a contributing author on Mothermorphosis (MUP 2015), Perspectives on Change (ANU 2015) and Unbreakable (UQP 2017). She is on the board of Per Capita and Australians for Mental Health.

Her attention to detail is woeful. She can’t remember faces. And she has the attention span of a 3 year old. But apart from that, she’s quite good at what she does.

Lindene Cleary

Chief Marketing Officer

Tourism Tasmania

Lindene Cleary is the Chief Marketing Officer of Tourism Tasmania, a role she commenced in March 2023 following five years as the organisation’s Head of Brand Marketing. In Lindene’s role she leads all aspects of strategically marketing the Tasmanian tourism brand within Australia and internationally, including brand communications, PR, content, digital marketing and partnerships.

Prior to joining Tourism Tasmania Lindene built her marketing career working with internationally recognised and trusted organisations such as The Coca-Cola Company and Diageo, across brand, communications, and digital, and within creative agencies. With over 20 years’ experience, Lindene’s career has seen her based domestically in Sydney, Canberra and Hobart, and internationally in Singapore, London and Seoul.  
Lindene is a proud Tasmanian with an inherent understanding of the importance of the tourism industry to Tasmania’s economy and community, and she is proud to tell the island state’s unique story to the world.

Phil Swan

Head of Digital

Brisbane Lions Football Club

Phil Swan is currently the Head of Digital at Brisbane Lions Football Club. Coming into his fourth year, he oversees their digital platforms and the content that gets created for them. Did somebody say 13,000 social posts last year?! Phil has a strong background in marketing with time spent at Billabong, Domino’s and Urban List, where he really found his love for content marketing.

Elly Strang

Content & Communications Lead


Elly Strang is Content and Communications Lead at Tracksuit, a beautiful, affordable and always on brand tracking platform for modern consumer brands. Elly began her career studying and working in journalism and was named Best Journalist in 2017 at the NZ Magazine Awards, later picking up Best Magazine Cover and Best Innovation awards during her time as Editor of Idealog Magazine.

She moved in-house to work at sustainable packaging brand noissue as their Content Manager before joining Tracksuit as a founding marketing team member in 2022 to tell data-led stories on a global scale and prove the commercial impact of content and comms. Tracksuit is now one of Australasia’s fastest growing companies and is backed by Blackbird and Mark Ritson.

Brooke Saward


Brooki Bakehouse

Brooke Saward is the founder of Brooki Bakehouse, a Brisbane bakery that found global fame on Tiktok and Instagram with a combined 2.3 million followers, of which was accumulated in just one year. As a storyteller, Brooke uses social media to drive crowds of visitors to her bakery in-store and online, by offering global shipping to reach audiences far and wide.

Francisco Lopez


F+K Media

Francisco Lopez is an award-winning senior producer and lead writer of Spotify’s Who is Daniel Johns?, 2022 Podcast of the Year The Last Outlaws, Cake the podcast and Threads with Veronica Milsom. As the co-director of storytelling agency F+K Media, Frank has created shows for Spotify, Rebel Girls, State Library of Queensland, UTS, ABC and more. He also has a decade of experience as a New York audio engineer, working with recording artists such as Sonic Youth, celebrities such as Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, and US podcast studios Audible, Pineapple Street Media, and Gimlet Media.

Kaitlyn Sawrey


F+K Media

Kaitlyn Sawrey is an award-winning journalist and host of Spotify’s Who is Daniel Johns?, 2022 Podcast of the Year The Last Outlaws, and Cake the podcast. As co-director of storytelling agency F+K Media, Kaitlyn has created original shows for Spotify, Rebel Girls, State Library of Queensland, UTS, ABC and more. Previously she co-founded the international hit Science Vs, was the Executive Producer of Hack on triple j and was the founding producer of what would become ABC Audio Studios.

Sarah Morgan

Managing Director


Sarah is passionate about creating bankable strategies for Bespoken’s valued clients in the fields of marketing, communications and engagement. A dynamic leader, Sarah brings her years of experience across marketing, engagement and communications to develop and deliver tailored and strategic plans that surpass client briefs and KPIs, while providing evidence-based solutions for their organisations.

Alison Sandy headshot
Seven logo

Alison Sandy

Seven logo

FOI Editor

Seven Network

Alison Sandy is a multi award-winning journalist who has more than 25 years experience.
Alison joined the Seven Network in 2014 to become the nation’s first female FOI Editor, lodging several hundred applications each year.

She is a fierce advocate of the media’s role in holding governments and its representatives to account and has successfully fought and won several appeals for access to documents under FOI laws and uncovered details that have contributed to positive changes in legislation.

Some of her more successful investigations include revealing the extent of Child Brides in Australia where children are regularly forced to marry much older men, and a year-long FOI investigation into the extent of sexual assaults across the nation’s universities.

For the latter, she won an award from the United Nations Association of Australia for the Promotion of Gender Equality – Empowerment of Women and Girls.

More recently, she has taken on the role of executive producer of the award-winning, global hit podcast The Lady Vanishes which has more than 18 million downloads.

Ben Smee

Queensland Correspondent

Guardian Australia

Ben Smee is the Queensland state correspondent for Guardian Australia, where he writes about politics, state affairs and human rights. He has worked as an editor, head of news, and political reporter at metro and regional newspapers in Queensland, the Northern Territory and New South Wales. Ben is a Walkley Award winner (and three-time finalist), and has won 12 state media awards. In 2016, he co-wrote a book about NT politics, Crocs in the Cabinet.

Ricky Robinson


Ricky Robinson is the CEO of Shorthand, the beautifully simple storytelling platform for iconic brands. Ricky is passionate about combining technology innovation and art to build software platforms that unlock high-fidelity human expression and enable positive change in the world.

A former researcher and business development manager at Australia’s premier technology institute, Ricky holds a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Queensland and talks rather too much about football (the round ball sport). Prior to finding success with Shorthand, Ricky co-founded several failed startups — experiences that have proved invaluable to leading Shorthand.

Lisa Chant headshot

Lisa Chant

Media and Communications Specialist


Lisa is a Media and Communications Specialist with more than 30 years’ experience in legacy and digital media across Australia and Asia. With a sharply honed instinct for powerful storytelling, she specialises in creating and curating powerful content that draws attention with clever, accessible and insightful angles. Expertly pinpointing the stories that matter, she brings authentic and responsive guidance to client relationships to ensure maximum return on investment.

Brittanie English

Managing Director

The Content Division

Brittanie has more than a decade experience in digital and content marketing roles across agency, local and state government, and private enterprise. In 2017, she co-founded The Content Division – a content marketing and production agency based in Brisbane. As the Managing Director at The Content Division, she manages the strategic direction of the business and leads a team of epic content creators.

Stephanie Vigilante headshot

Stephanie Vigilante

Head of Social Media

Broadsheet Media

Stephanie oversees Broadsheet’s social media strategy and output. She works to ensure the style, tone and framework reflects the brand, upholds Broadsheet’s editorial values and engages and grows the off-platform audiences. Stephanie is passionate about the importance of social media in this current age, noting these platforms are time capsules of culture, in ways that are accessible to a large audience. Stephanie sees social as the great connector of this generation – in the same way that communities once gathered around radios or TVs for cultural moments, these days, they do so on social media.

Kevin Bui

Senior Content Designer


Kevin is a Senior Content Designer at Atlassian, where he creates the UI content and support documentation for Jira’s Automation platform. He fell in love with content design through his hobby of board games, and continues to gain content inspiration from board games and video games to this day.

When he’s not thinking about content and UX, Kevin spends his days watching anime with his wife and reading Disney books to his 2-year old son

Daisy Braid

Content Creator, Textile Artist and Author

Daisy Braid, aka DIY Daisy is a content creator, textile artist and author based on the Gold Coast/Yugambeh Country. Daisy is a self-taught sewist known for her colourful, creative style that combines handmade clothing with slow and second-hand fashion. Hardie Grant published her book Sew It Yourself in 2022 with stockists including The MET, Liberty of London and Kinokuniya. She has also created content in collaboration with brands like Brother, Cricut, Nikon, Who Gives A Crap, The Fabric Store and Garage Sale Trail.

Rachael Sarra

Multidisciplinary Artist, Radio Host and Influencer

Rachael Sarra’s vibrant creative practice embodies her experience as a proud mixed race, First Nations woman from Goreng Goreng Country. Driven by a belief that art and design are vital to communication, connection and culture, Rachael invites us to see the world through her eyes with bold colours and dynamic contours. Her distinct contemporary style is resonating around the world, and challenging societal perceptions of Aboriginal art and identity.

Rachael is a change-maker. She is redesigning how First Nations businesswomen navigate success while anchoring their business in culture. Building a business bigger than herself, she is committed to significant charitable donations and pro-bono work that has a tangible impact back into the community. When values align, Rachael sees collaboration as an empowering way to foreground First Nations voices through meaningful partnerships with major brands and organisations.

Sarah (Sos) Mattsson

Digital Content & Production Manager

Brisbane 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games Organisation Committee

Sos’ love for content, digital, sport and travel have been rolled serendipitously into one role at the Brisbane 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Organising Committee. Sos worked at Tourism & Events Queensland for more than a decade, where people, places and their stories were uncovered and delivered in unique ways.

From websites to email, brand to internal comms, events and video shoots to social content, Sos has seen the power of content transcend borders, bridge cultures, open-up access, and unite people from all walks of life. Sos is ready to shine the light on the Olympic and Paralympic movements Down Under to push Brisbane, Queensland and Australia further on the global stage.

Michelle Blancato headshot

Michelle Blancato

Creative and Content Director

Tourism and Events Queensland

Marketing Australia’s holiday state is a pretty great gig, and Michelle’s current remit involves overseeing the development and production of everything that carries the Queensland logo: from trade training brochures to working on multimillion-dollar consumer campaigns.

With a long history in the publishing industry, Michelle worked on magazine brands in Australia and the UK before moving into the digital industry in 2010. Heading up B2B and B2C beauty websites, Michelle oversaw editorial development and commercial content growth before stepping into the General Manager role. After a stint at Urban List, Michelle moved into tourism where she now takes a strategic, consumer-led approach to developing content that engages audiences with the incredible tourism experiences and extraordinary destinations that can be found all over Queensland.

Callum Wood

General Manager Marketing

Brisbane Economic Development Agency

Callum Wood is an accomplished marketing professional who leads BEDA’s Marketing team and champions the Brisbane destination brand globally.

With a focus on driving economic growth, Callum leads a diverse team of marketing and placemaking professionals to develop and execute impactful marketing strategies across diverse sectors and audiences.

From tourism and major events, to investment attraction and business growth, Callum manages the Brisbane destination brand holistically, both domestically and internationally.

Prior to joining BEDA, Callum held several destination and event marketing roles across Melbourne and regional Victoria, including City Marketing Manager for the City of Melbourne. Callum has recently completed an MBA with a focus on marketing and brand management. He is also admitted as an Australian Lawyer.

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We help SMEs and enterprise businesses get their content strategies sorted and deliver and distribute content to engaged audiences that keep coming back for more.


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Bespoken is an integrated communications, engagement and marketing agency that uses evidence-based thinking to elevate your brand in a manner befitting your audience and ambitions. We convert challenges into elegant and tailored opportunities.

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Shorthand is the beautifully simple storytelling platform for iconic brands.

The Shorthand editor is the fastest way for teams in marketing, communications, and media to create and publish beautifully engaging reading experiences. Shorthand stories drive deeper audience engagement, better metrics, and stronger brand outcomes than content published using regular CMSes, PDFs, and flipbooks.

Shorthand customers — including the BBC, Honda, Dow Jones, and the University of Queensland — publish some of the most cinematic and engaging content on the web. This includes everything from digital magazines and longform features to internal comms, brand stories, blogs — even a virtual escape room!

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Alice Harris

Content Creator

Kic App

Alice is the brains/creative behind Kic’s TikTok. Over the past year at Kic, Alice has grown the channel by 75%, and has brought the brand’s widely loved personality to life on TikTok. Kic is a leading health and wellness brand and app in Australia with a global community of 2.5 million. Pre Kic, Alice had worked across TikTok and paid media for Infamous Swimwear.

Blythe Moore

Manager of Audio Strategy

ABC News

Blythe Moore works for ABC News as the Manager of Audio Strategy. She leads a team of audio specialists and has developed a range of podcasts and innovative audio projects for the ABC, including the Expanse series, the ABC’s only local podcast NewcastleCast, the mood-based Make Me Feel Good and the skippable Story Stream in the ABC Listen app. A former regional reporter herself, Blythe is passionate about regional storytelling and believes ABC’s presence in more than 40 regional locations means it’s in a unique position to tell the stories that no other media organisation can.

Rose Misra-Smith

Digital Content Creator

Urban Utilities

Rose is a social media specialist, who cares about improving water literacy and education. She leads Urban Utilities’ storytelling on social media, creating content that engages, educates, and entertains communities about all things water. With 13 years of developing memorable moments for brands in digital and social media landscapes, Rose loves to see them spark behaviour change. Outside of work, she’s sifting through vintage clothes and searching for the best sando.